Schedule Custom Training

Whether you want to build your nonprofit marketing planning skills, train staff and volunteers on social media tools and policy, or tackle a critical campaign launch under the guidance of an expert coach, Nancy Schwartz offers a wide array of custom training services for your organization.

Nancy will work with you to design a plan to help your marketing staff reach its goals. Flexible training options include:

  • ½ day, one day or multi-day sessions
  • One-on-one or team training
  • In person, via phone and/or online
  • Coaching and critiques.

Clients most often request training sessions and workshops in these areas:

  • Marketing planning
  • Breakthrough messaging
  • Strategic social media
  • Developing a productive marketing/fundraising team and approach
  • Building leadership involvement and support
  • Launching earned income streams from the work you’re already doing.

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Recent Custom Trainings

Nancy Schwartz recently held these training workshops for nonprofit organizations like yours:

  • Workshop—Bull’s Eye Marketing Planning (Connecting Up Conference, Sydney, Australia)
    Breakthrough E-newsletters: Five Steps to Communications that Connect (Support Center for Nonprofit Management)
  • Marketing Bootcamp: How to Build Strong Relationships to Move Your Organization and Issues Forward (multi-workshop series for grantees of New York City’s Small Business Services division)
  • Blogging 201 (full-day training for staff members of NCB Capital Impact)
  • Marketing Planning (4-month training series – delivered via webinar, phone coaching and critiques—for membership, events and marketing teams at KAHSA)
  • Your Path to Effective Marketing: What’s New, What’s Old but Still a Challenge, and How to Respond (workshop for members of the New Zealand Institute of Management)
  • Building Leadership Support for Critical Marketing Projects (webinar series for members of Opera America)
  • Meet the Press: Maximize Your Organization’s Impact via Media Relations (full-day training for grantees of Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Coalition)

To find out how Nancy’s customized training sessions can help your organization meet your marketing goals, please contact us.